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Gain a unique audience of equestrians, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and animal lovers by sponsoring this adventure across Australia. We love to promote businesses with a focus on horse care, adventure, or rural Australia.

We greatly appreciate donations or sponsorship in the form of gear or funding. Sponsors will receive a variety of benefits in media exposure, advertisement and television promotions.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Broadcast to unique female, adventure, and horse industry audiences internationally.  

  • Reach the audience of one of the two horse tour travel agencies in the world— Globetrotting — and their community of travelers.

  • Have visibility and branding on saddle blankets, gear and clothing, which will appear in photos, videos and social media.

  • Gain a designated amount of weekly Instagram product appearances.

  • Be featured in our social media campaign.  

  • Be reviewed on our website.

  • Offer speaking engagements as keynote speaker.

  • Recieve horseback riding spots on legs of the trip through remote Australian wilderness.

  • Be showcased in magazine articles and interviews.

  • Own rights to post-production mini-documentary.


Sponsorship Levels 



Contributions of $20,000 and above. 

Post-production mini-documentary
4 minute video highlight
keynote speaker engagement


Contributions of $10,000

Visibility and branding on gear for photos, videos, and social media
Horseback riding spot on a leg of the journey
Designated weekly amount of social media photos


Contributions of $5,000 

Designated weekly amount of social media photos
Review of gear and products
Highlights in media interviews


                                                                 Contributions of supplies 

                                                                                                                                                      Will have a review on our website and blog

                                                                                                                                                                       Will have their brand logo featured on our website

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