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Horse Welfare 

It's all about the horses! 

On the trail, horse health is prioritised. Everyday is devoted to securing adequate feed, water, rest and medical attention. Special care is given to hoof health, muscular condition and prevention of saddle sores. We travel two days and rest one day to ensure the mob stays in excellent health. As soon as the horses seem ill or in danger of injury, they are spelled for as long as necessary. 

Preparation includes training in: wilderness safety; equine first aid; knowledge of poisonous plants; hoof health; repairing pack gear; bushfire preparedness; water & feed tracking; back country navigation; and equine management (including behavioural issues).

Equine Medical Training: 

  • Tutored by equine vets

  • Mentoring via mobile and sat phones with equine vets and nurses

  • Training in plants poisonous to horses 

  • Training in hoof care and trimming 

  • Training in equine emergency first aid

  • Horse behaviour mentoring on the trail (via sat phone)

  • Pack horse behaviour & gear mentoring