Learn With Horses

Horse riding lessons, Byron Bay.

Are you attracted to horses but don’t know where to begin? Have you had trauma with horses in the past, and are now held back by fear? I will teach (or re-teach) you a gentle and calm way to connect with these beautiful animals. We will cover safety, catching, handling, grooming, feeding, groundwork, liberty work, centred riding and trail riding. This is a great option for those just beginning- (adults or kids!) or re-entering horsemanship- who desire an in-depth experience of horsemanship.

If you are buying a horse, or need help with your new horse, this is also a great form of mentorship to give the two of you the best experience possible to grow from a place of confidence.

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Beginner Adult Lessons

Book a private session focusing on bonding with your horse, or one of our rescued brumbies, using methods of Natural Horsemanship. If you are a novice adult or have a lot of fear around horses this will be great for you.


Kids Lessons!

I’ve been working with children for 15 years. I absolutely love sharing the joys of horses with little ones. Our lessons emphasise safety principles of horsemanship as well as the fundamentals of horse communication. With a variety of fun games, mental exercises and riding lessons, we will build a strong foundation for your little one as a lifelong horse lover. Suitable for children age 8 and above.


Pack Horse Clinic

Sign up for a clinic to learn everything pack horse related and design your own trip. This includes help with training horses for the trail, pack gear, emergency vet care, feed, navigation, camping, organising food drops, and much much more!


Horse Care 101

Just buy a new horse? Looking to lease or buy a horse? Or adopt a brumby? I’ll take you through the steps of designing the ideal life for your new friend including: bonding, training, riding, feeding, nutrition and general handling. This will be designed to build your confidence with a focus on safety.


Agistment Help

I will provide high quality care for your horse while you are busy or out of town. This includes exercise, riding, grooming, feeding, medical treatment and training if you desire.