Equine Therapy 

                          Clemmie and her horses are visiting equine therapy programs along their trek through Australia. If you have any to recommend, please email us!  clemmiewotherspoon@gmail.com

Equine Therapy is a fast growing form of psychotherapy that centres on client interaction with therapy horses under the direction of a certified mental health professional. There is a growing body of scientific evidence affirming the efficacy of these treatments in improving psychological and behavioural difficulties.

Riding for the Disabled in Australia 

Riding for the Disabled in Australia 

Riding for the Disabled: Equine-assisted Learning (EAL)

Wild Tracks is raising funds for Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia (RDAA). RDAA is a voluntary, nonprofit organisation which provides opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy, stimulating, therapeutic, horse-related activities in Australia. The Sunshine Coast RDAA in Queensland runs an Equine-assisted Learning program, a successful form of equine therapy. 

Equine therapy with Veterans 

Serving in combat can affect soldiers long after they return home from war. For some, the wounds are physical and visible. For others, they go deeper, affecting their mental health. Staff at Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont, VA, USA use horses—equine therapy—to help veterans heal these invisible wounds.


The EAGALA Model

Practitioners of the Equine-assisted Learning program under RDAA are trained in the EAGALA model- one of the few internationally recognised equine therapy models. EAGALA offers training programs for mental health and equine professionals, who work together in sessions with clients.