In March of 2018, Clemmie began a solo, unsupported horseback trek across Australia with three brumbies— wild Australian horses. The trek will take one-two years and will be documented in photos, videos and audio recordings. Clemmie is mentored by a team of horse, media and adventure professionals. She is visiting equine therapy programs along the way and sharing her experiences. 


Clemmie Wotherspoon

Clemmie has been working with horses for four years in preparation for her trek. Her inspiration stems from a childhood dream instilled by Robyn Davidson’s journey in 1980 across the Outback on camels-From Alice to Ocean. Clemmie has a degree in Psychology and enjoys volunteering with programs such as  One Wave Surfing Therapy, Smart Pups Assistance Dogs, and Wollongara Outdoor School. Clemmie has completed over 10,000km of unsupported bicycle trips in the United States. She will be documenting her horse adventures in visual diaries and video.  


The Horses 

The horses are three Australian brumbies from the High Country in Victoria- Whiskey, Zulu and Mac. The horses rotate between being ridden, carrying the pack saddle, and walking with no saddle. Whiskey and Mac are from the Bogong High Plains. Zulu's mother is a wild brumby who jumped the fence to mate with her Fresian-Warmblood dad. They are all between 8-12 years old.